Iyengar Yoga

Online Business Yoga Sessions

Investment from £50.00 / session

How it works

30 minutes sessions, no yoga clothes or yoga mats are needed. A chair and connection to internet is enough! The sessions are suitable for everyone regardless the level of fitness. These sessions are the best break between meetings for your delegates, employees and clients or the best way to start or finish your day at work.

designed to improve your employees' physical and emotional wellbeing, satisfaction, motivation, performance, productivity, commitment and loyalty.

What your company gets from it 

  • Improvement in your delegates, employees and / or clients' wellbeing.

  • Better performance and productivity 

  • Better atmosphere and better service

  • Clients, employees and delegates' commitment and loyalty

  • Increase of satisfaction and motivation

  • Better company image: Healthy company

  • Decrease in employees' stress, absenteeism, workplace accidents and disputes and sick leaves


What are these sessions designed for

Companies from any field, hotels, venues, conference centres and conference organizers. 

Additional Information

The sessions will be tailor made for each group. After the first session you will receive a feedback questionnaire for the participants. Based on the feedback received and what is perceived during the first session, the next one will designed. 

Rates can vary depending on the number of participants and the number of sessions booked. Discounts apply for block of sessions so please get in touch for a more accurate budget. 


'Incorporating yoga and mindfulness into a business environment is the perfect partnership… and requires absolutely no lycra!

In planning a program for our AGM, we were really keen that once everyone had arrived after a busy morning, they would be able to switch off and be truly present for the day ahead. By including a 30 minute session at the beginning of the meeting, it not only allowed our delegates the time and space to refocus but also created a real warmth of atmosphere with a few giggles as we began to stretch and deepen our breathing.

Patricia guided us effortlessly through the movements which made it accessible for everyone… and the only outfit change was a removal of our shoes!  

The time passed so quickly and as the session drew to a close, the group was re-energised and focused on the agenda ahead.

I would highly recommend engaging with Patricia about how to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into your next corporate event.'

Emily Shields

SITE Scotland President (2018-2019)

Patricia Galavís Yoga

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