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After 20 years working for the tourism industry organizing international Incentive travels, conferences and congresses, in 2017 I decided to take a different road. My already 10 years of yoga and meditation practice at that time was changing the way I perceived my future. So I made the first step and enrolled in my first yoga teacher training never looking back since then.

Although I really enjoyed the craziness of managing international travels and events for many years, I was also experiencing high levels of stress. It has been said that Event Management is one of the most stressful careers and I understand why. Yoga and meditation brought balance to my crazy life style and allowed me to be more present, more focused, more relaxed and more joyful. I fall in love with this practice first sight!

My levels of stress dropped dramatically, I started to be more satisfied with life in general and to find pleasure even in the small things. My health improved enormously, I started to sleep better and to eat heathier. But that is not all…

The practice of meditation and mindfulness started to change the way I perceive myself, the situations I found myself in, the people around me, and absolutely everything in a very positive way. I will not say it was easy to build a habit of meditation and mindfulness practice, it takes time, but the results are worth trying.

The brain has a property of neuroplasticity. Both the brain and the nervous system can change structurally and functionally under the influence of the signals for the environment. Learning and memory are examples of plasticity. Implicitly it follows that meditators are able to change some neural paths in the brain through meditation, and this can result in a dramatic change in your outlook on life events. This profound result of sustained practice, known for many centuries to meditation practitioners, has been confirmed by scientific studies in the last two decades.

The benefits of yoga and meditation are transformative and I believe we will live in a better world if everyone could experience these benefits. We become more skilful in dealing with our emotions, in understanding how stress works and how to work with it reducing the negative impact in our system; we develop more clarity to make decisions; our creativity skills improve dramatically; we access to a higher level of calm and stability, and this goes on and on… The benefits are endless!

I am a certified Yoga Teacher (RYT500) by the Yoga Alliance and a Zen Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, 200hrs accredited by Zenways, certified school by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA). I can help you to access these benefits for yourself, your team, your employees, your students and your clients.   

Patricia Galavís Yoga

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