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The use of Reiki to improve the labour atmosphere

The thousand-year-old Japanese technique, REIKI, recognised by WHO and practiced by 6 million people, can provide benefits within the corporate world and can help to improve the labour atmosphere.


Meditation, Yoga or Reiki are techniques that are being practised more and more in companies all over the world. Companies such as Repsol or Mahou San Miguel in Spain have already join the initiative  of introducing meditation in the workplace for their employees with the aim of reducing stress, increase productivity and improve employees' happiness and health. 

Reiki can help individuals and companies in different ways, improving muscular pain, defeating tiredness, improving memory and self-esteem and, most importantly, helping us to relax. 

Although Reiki cannot be considered as an alternative to conventional medicine, it can help the labour atmosphere by reducing the stress in the workplace and contributing to the employee's wellbeing through experiencing this deep relaxation technique.  




I have been within the Reiki path with a daily practice since 2010. I was initiated in the Second Degree of the Usui System of Reiki Healing in April 2011.

My titulation is registered by the Reiki Alliance, honoring the spiritual lineage of Usui, Hauashi, Takata and Furumoto  (click here to see my Reiki Credentials)

Apart from offering Reiki treatments in the corporate sector, I offer individual treatments at In the Moment studio and Merchant City Yoga in Glasgow. Please get in touch for an initial consultation.

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